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Cross Cultural Cuisine is designed for new comers to Canada, members of West Point Grey Baptist, and women in the local community. The intent is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures and cuisines through cooking sessions, while nurturing closer interaction, bonding and support amongst our community.

When: Friday Mornings 9:15-12:00 noon Where: WPGBC kitchen (downstairs- use door off of alley) Cost: by donation RSVP: email:

WINTER 2019: January 27 | February 22 | March 8 | April 12 & 26 | May 24 | June 14

* no childcare provided at this time *


诚意邀请您来参加,一个特意为着新到加拿大的人、West Point Grey 浸信会的会员、本社区的妇女,而设的一个妇女节目。本节目的目的,是为了透过双周烹饪课程,于欣赏彼此的文化和美食的同时,培养大家更紧密的互动、更深入的了解,和促进我们对社区的支持。

时间:星期五早上 9:15 至 12.00 时 
地点:WPGBC 厨房( 在楼下,请用后门出入)




国语崇拜: 每⽉月第三和第四个星期天,早上⼗十点半到⼗十⼀一点四⼗十五分,在楼下 餐厅举⾏行行。
Chinese Worship: Every 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month, 10:30am - 11:45am in the Community Diner downstairs.

国语查经⼀一: 每周⽇日早上⼋八点四⼗十五分到⼗十点,在楼上图书馆隔两个房间(27号 房)进 ⾏行行。
Mandarin Bible Study 1: Every Sunday morning : 8:45am - 10am, in room No. 27 (Adult Education ["AE"] Room)upstairs.

国语查经⼆二: 每周五晚上六点三⼗十分到⼋八点三⼗十分,在图书馆隔两个房间(27号房) 进 ⾏行行。
Mandarin Bible Study 2: Every Friday night 6:30pm - 8:30pm, in room No. 27 (Adult Education ["AE"] Room)upstairs.

国语团契: 每⽉月第三个周五晚上,6:30pm - 8:30pm,在楼下餐厅聚会并⼀一起吃饭。
Mandarin Fellowship: The 3rd Friday night of every month, 6:30pm - 8:30pm in the Community Diner downstairs.

诚意邀请您参加! 详情请联系艾娜电邮
Everyone is welcome to join us! For more information please contact Ella at