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Your Donation Helps WPGBC


  • To support local church ministries including Children, Youth, Pastoral, Community outreach, Cross Cultural Cuisine, Chinese, and Young Adult ministries

  • To provide pastors for all ministries

  • To maintain a physical presence in the West Point Grey area


  • To support international missionaries on three continents through Canadian Baptist ministries

How To Give

  • Online by Interac eTransfer: WPGBC is not charged a fee for this type of online donation. [Please read instructions here]

  • Online by PayPal: WPGBC uses PayPal to facilitate a one-time or recurring donation. You do not need to have or create a PayPal account but you can use your credit card (or bank account if linked to PayPal). You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal once you submit your donation. WPGBC pays a 1.9% fee of the total amount for this online donation. Please fill out the online donation form.

  • PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement): (Monthly) Your donation is transferred automatically from your bank account on the 1st of each month. WPGBC pays almost no fee on your donation. If you are a new PAD giver, simply complete a request form.

  • Post-dated cheques: Please send a set of post-dated cheques to the church office. Your cheques can be for each month, each quarter, or at whatever intervals you choose.

  • Envelopes: Contact the Envelope Clerk at to receive a set of dated, numbered envelopes for your regular donation when you put it in the offering plate on Sunday mornings.

  • Special Offering Envelopes: You will find envelopes in the pews if you’re visiting WPGBC or if you would like to donate to a special cause approved by the Deacons Board. Just fill in your name and postal and email addresses so your donation can be recorded.
    Canada Revenue Agency requires name and full address.

  • Securities: When you donate securities or mutual funds to WPGBC no capital gains tax is payable and you receive a charitable tax receipt for the entire value of the securities. Please fill out the securities transfer form and email the completed transfer form to

  • Other: Sometimes people prefer to write a cheque periodically to WPGBC during the year, or donate to West Point Grey Baptist through the United Way, or other charitable organizations or foundations.


WPGBC issues tax receipts for donations of $20 or more that are identified with your name and full postal address including your postal code.
An email address would be helpful so we can contact you in case we have any questions. Canada Revenue Agency requires name and full address. You will receive a periodic statement of your donations if requested, and a tax receipt at year end. Under current Canadian tax laws, you receive a tax credit of 43.7% of the charitable donations over the first $200.00 you make in a year. Consequently, a large donation can help to recover substantial income taxes when withdrawing RRIF or RRSP funds.

Investment of Excess Funds

In certain funds such as the Memorial Fund and the Bruce Trust Fund the excess monies are invested in the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada Foundation Fund which is readily available to WPCBC and earns a good rate for short-term investments. The CBWC Foundation Fund is the financial branch of CBWC and is used for administering grants and loans to both Churches and Ministry students within the CBWC denomination.

Memorial Gifts

West Point Grey Baptist Church is a place that evokes memories of special people or times in our lives. Gifts in memory of a loved one are meaningful, and appreciated. Memorial gifts go to support the ongoing work of WPGBC and, can be directed to support specific ministries. Contact the Church at if you would like to make a memorial gift.

Future Gifts (for more information please contact the Church at

  • Bequests through a will: Bequests are an easy way to leave a final gift to West Point Grey Baptist Church. You can leave either cash, artwork or other assets, or a portion of your estate.

  • Life Insurance: Making the church a beneficiary of a life insurance policy will give you a tax benefit today and provide a future gift to West Point Grey Baptist Church. With a modest monthly insurance premium for a new policy, you can leave a substantial legacy to the congregation in the future. Your annual premiums are tax deductible.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust: You can place cash, property or securities in a trust for West Point Grey Baptist Church and receive a guaranteed income for life, with substantial tax savings.