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西点中文圣经团契,于每周五晚上 7-9:30

西点中文圣经团契,于每周五晚上7-9:30 (在通过Zoom聚会。这是团契为讲普通话的弟兄姐妹而建立,为了更深的认识神并与弟兄姐妹在主内彼此连结。团契活动一般包括敬拜、查经、自由讨论、问答、灵修操练和祷告。我们欢迎新成员和所有想参与的人加入

Chinese Bible Fellowship, Friday Evenings 7:00-9:30pm

For Mandarin speakers who are seeking to know God and desiring fellowship with God's people. Our general format for the evening includes: worship, Bible Study and discussion/topical discussion/open mic (general Q & A)/spiritual devotionals, and prayer. We are open to new comers and all who want to participate. (contact:

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主持人。Loretta Huang和Mabel Chau



- 食物
- 音乐类
- 育儿
- 压力
- 幸福
- 金钱
- 梦想
- 信仰

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The JOY Group

Monday Afternoons 1:30-2:45pm

Facilitators: Loretta Huang and Mabel Chau. 

Level of competence: All

Description: We will be reading biographies of some famous people in the world, current events, Bible stories and discussions around the topics of:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Parenting
  • Stress
  • Happiness
  • Money
  • Dreams
  • Faith


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主持人:Wayne Chee和Peter Luo 






主持人:Wayne Chee和Peter Luo 





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Monday Conversation Group

Monday Evenings 8:00-9:00pm

Facilitators: Wayne Chee and Peter Luo 

Level of competence: Entry Level / Intermediate Level

Description: Discussion with reading of selected text and Bible verses during the session. Our main discussion topic is adapting to Canadian living. 

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主持人:Paul Birch和Jenny Gu

能力水平: 中级-高级 

说明:本课以每周发的小文选为主。这门课将基于每周期间发出的小书面选文。  班上的人可以提前阅读材料,我们将讨论他们所阅读的内容。  这将涉及到对话、词汇和语言结构。  短篇阅读材料将包括民间故事、圣经故事、有趣的事实和文化背景。  我们不要求学生能说一口流利的英语,但他们应该至少有初级水平的阅读能力

image of English text English for Everyday

English for Everyday

Wednesday Afternoons 1:30-2:30pm 

Facilitators: Paul Birch and Jenny Gu

Level of competence: Intermediate - Advanced Level 

Description: This class will be based on little written selections which are sent out during each week.  People in the class can read the material ahead of time and we will discuss what they have read. This will involve conversation, vocabulary, and structure of language. The short reading passages will consist of folk tales, Bible stories, interesting facts, and cultural background. Students will not be expected to be fluent, but they should be able to read at at least an elementary level.

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主持人:Myrnal和Dave Hawes 

能力水平: 中级-高级 

说明:我们将领导一个对话小组。我们将领导一个对话小组 我们将专注于一些主题, 一些我们可以建议, 和一些参与者可以建议。  当然,我们总是有兴趣谈论更大的问题,比如是否有神?我们死后会发生什么?  为什么世界上会发生邪恶?  我生命的意义是什么?  我们也会帮助纠正英语单词的正确发音

image of English text Thursday Afternoon Group

Thursday Afternoon Group

Thursday Afternoons 1:30-2:30pm (May be longer)

Facilitators: Myrnal and Dave Hawes

Level of competence: Intermediate - Advanced Level 

Description: We will lead a conversation group We will focus on a number of themes, some that we can suggest, and some that the participants can suggest. Of course we are always interested in talking about bigger issues, like is there a God? What happens after we die? Why does evil happen in the world? What is the meaning of my life? We can also focus on correct pronunciation of words in English.